Intense Exercise

How Exercise Boosts Your Brainpower


Decades ago, people believed that senility or frequently forgetting a lot of things is a fact of life for old people. For them, there is nothing that one can do but gracefully accept that at a certain age, probably 70 or 80, one will start to show signs of cognitive function decline. In recent years, however, researchers have discovered that it is never too late to start to boost your brainpower.

Physical Exercise Is Also Good For The Mind

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2004 showed that people aged 71 to 93 who walked over 3 kilometres a day were twice more unlikely to develop dementia than those who walked less than a kilometre every day. Furthermore, women between 71 and 80 who clocked 90 minutes of walking a week did a lot better on cognitive examinations than those who had a sedentary lifestyle. Several studies have shown that increased exercise, even just walking, is crucial in keeping a healthy mind. Experts are not sure how much exercise and physical activities old people need to perform to have a boost on their cognitive functions. It is important to note, however, that regular exercise aids in keeping a healthy blood flow. These activities may also help in creating and maintaining new nerve connections in the brain.

Another benefit of exercise is that it aids in keeping glucose levels normal. Glucose is important for the proper functioning of the brain, so even a slight decline in the level of glucose may have a great impact on brain functions of an old person. Rresearch conducted by the New York University’s Center for Brain Health showed that people who have problematic glucose tolerance did not only perform badly in memory tests but also showed signs of brain shrinkage compared to those who had normal glucose tolerance or control. Exercise does not have to be boring or confined in a gym. Old people can find physical activities that they like, such as strolling in the park with colleagues, wading in the pool for a couple of hours, and playing bowling or badminton. See more.

Mind Aerobics Is Essential

Another crucial factor in keeping the brain healthy is through mental exercises. If you don’t bother about using your brain, then there is a big likelihood that you will lose it. Our brain functions are impaired or greatly diminished if not used regularly, much like our muscles atrophy when not utilised or exercised.

Nowadays, there are many ways in which you can improve your memory and brain functions. One of which is by enrolling in a brain booster class. There are many institutions in the US that are offering classes specifically designed for old people who want to keep their cognitive functions at their peak. Reading, doing crossword puzzles, playing board games, enrolling in school, or learning a new language is just some ways wherein you can help boost your mental functions. It is never too early or too late to start doing mental exercises.


Experts believe that doing mental aerobics can help prevent or delay the development of Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. If your family has a history of dementia, there is a big chance that you will also develop this disease. However, mental exercises can significantly delay the development of such condition for weeks, months and even boost your brainpower.



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Alternative Ways to Enhance Your Calm


Have you noticed that the more social networks that you join and the more that you are asked to do at work, the more your stress levels rise? If you do, don’t worry, you aren’t alone! More and more people are finding it increasingly difficult to manage the daily stresses of a social life. This leads many people to feel so anxious that they don’t want to be social anymore, leading to further problems.


If you are feeling the effects of a stressful life and the regular methods to relax just aren’t working anymore, below are some alternatives for you to try.


Get Away!

The one thing that you always say when people ask you what you need to remove your stress is to take a vacation. But, for some reason, you never do. Why is that? Instead of just saying it, now is the perfect time to actually do it! It doesn’t matter if you only take a weekend off work to head to the beach or if you take a whole month away so that you can truly find yourself on a wilderness escape, go where you need to go to de-stress.


Intense Exercise

It doesn’t matter if you start to run around the block a few times after work or if you join a social team of a favored sport, as long as you are doing an intense level of exercise then you are focusing your brain on one thing, keeping your body going. For this reason, many people turn to exercise as stress relieving tool. If you do decide to take up a sport, first check the Groupon Coupons page for American Eagle to make sure you are wearing the right gear to prevent injuries.


Speak With a Friend

For many people, not being able to deal with every day is embarrassing, leading to the majority of people simply not saying anything of asking for help, for fear that they will either be ridiculed or be seen as a nuisance. The truth is that neither of these is true, and that simply whining to somebody who can just sit there and listen is often all it takes for you to feel a heavy load of stress lifted from your shoulders.


Fight Club!

Okay, not exactly Fight Club, but kinda close. Okay, okay, so not close at all! For this tip, it’s all about getting your anger out with boxing. Dissimilar to the exercise idea linked above, the purpose of this activity isn’t designed to take your mind off your problems so that our body can focus on coordination, instead, this activity is designed for you to bring up your stresses and take to them with your gloves!


If some of the ideas in this list seem a little strange, be sure not to dismiss them straight away. After all, what is the worst case scenario of trying them? That you find a new way to center your mind and your mind and are able to live a happier and healthier life? Doesn’t sound do bad to me!

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